Listicle #1: Things I’ve Been Called Into My Boss’ Office To Talk About (& Please Shut The Door)


1) The History of Spaghetti Westerns, i.e.:

a. Franco Nero
b. Claudia Carinale
c. Klaus Kinski
d. Sergio Corbucci
e. The Great Silence
f. Lemonade Joe


2) Donald Trump running for president
3) Hindu Philosophy
4) “I Am That” by Nisargatta Maharaj
5) Meditation Retreats
6) His Son
7) His Son The Jr High School Baseball Player
8) How trees make certain areas back east claustrophobic
9) Hatred for his hometown in Pennsylvania and West Virginia
10) San Francisco Movie Trivia and the city’s appearance in various films
11) Scarlett Johannsen in Under The Skin
12) Converting CD’s to MP3’s
13) Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”
14) San Francisco’s Rooftop Gardens
15) Former secretaries and coworkers who were probably insane
16) Enlightenment
17) Diabetes
18) Ex-Wife Hatred
19) “Have you read/heard of/seen this…”
20) “What did you do this weekend…”
21) (after long monologue, pause…) “Blah, blah, blah.”
22) Sarah Palin – “She was kinda hot until she opened her mouth…”

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