Touch (Abstraction)


There are hospitals where hands are a type of medicine
I smooth the tremulous lines along your temples with my palm
In these cellular rooms, bodies are worshipped in religions of disrepair
We burden our mouths to carry more than language

I align your tremulous temples in the rooms of my palm
There are hospitals where medicines are better than hands.
In these mouths, bodies become religions and are worshipped with tongues.
We trust our language to carry more than we understand.

I align your cellular temples with hospitals and hands,
hospitals and hands– that burden our medicines with lines of disrepair
We praise the smooth bodies in our mouths with psalms of worship.
We trust our tremulous language more than religions.

My palms carry sparkling medicines into your temple
Our bodies doen’t understand worship or religions
We cannot trust our language any more than our mouths.
Some temples are better than hospitals and some medicines useless.

Every. Body. I. Worship. Suffers. Tremulous Religions
carried in the hands of language.

–jcagney 2013

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